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Winding Path of Grief Retreat


Are you travelling on the winding path of grief?


The grief journey is a winding path with many twists and turns filled with a multitude of emotions. There is no road map and at times we feel we have lost our way.

Grief is a process, an unending long and winding road. This retreat is for people experiencing loss through death/separation/divorce/lost relationships and life changes.

An opportunity to explore the grief process and the impact that loss and grief have on our lives. In a supportive and understanding environment, you will be guided with the steps

required to heal and move on.

“Grief is like a long winding path where any bend may reveal a totally new landscape.” ​

Can be hosted at your location 

Or at:  

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

7020 Stanley Avenue

Niagara Falls, ON

L2G 7B7

(905) 356-4113

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