Separation and Divorce Journey Retreat

“Honour your own journey as you are the expert of your journey.”

The Journey of Separation and Divorce is a life altering event.  Every person’s journey is different but there are many common experiences that everyone goes through. Using various methods we will explore the steps involved in order to find hope for the future.  You will be provided with tools and strategies for coping with the struggles and finding ways to deal with the painful emotions. This Retreat provides a supportive environment to find empathy, understanding and consolation from others travelling along the same journey. Learn how to redefine yourself as you work through rebuilding your life.

June 2, 2021 at 7pm - June 3 2021 at 1pm 

 Cost $290 

Will be hosted at:  

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

7020 Stanley Avenue

Niagara Falls, ON

L2G 7B7

(905) 356-4113

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